Aligned with the needs of local radiologists.

  • Alleviates X-ray burden, allowing local radiologists to focus on advanced modalities and subspecialties

  • Capacity is returned to local radiologists to focus on advanced imaging techniques, subspecialties, consultations, and academic responsibilities

  • Reduced need to fill open radiology slots and a competitive edge in filling them with X-rays no longer part of the job

On-call radiologists operate in a complex, disruptive work environment, which has undergone dramatic changes in the past 5 to 10 years. The radiologist now shoulders multiple additional responsibilities, including examination protocoling, contrast and nuclear medicine injections, ultrasound scanning, clinical consults, and the communication of imaging findings to referring clinicians, as well as their primary responsibility of interpreting all imaging studies in a timely manner.
— Yu et al, Journal of the American College of Radiology, 2014* [1]

Health system pressures call for greater productivity and efficiency

  • Advanced imaging modalities and ED imaging are increasing in volume

  • As imaging reimbursements decline, health care providers are being forced to compensate by increasing their productivity

  • Image interpretation only accounts for 25% of time radiologists must spend spend on X-ray, which make them problematic in RVU-based compensation models [2]

Radiology is a specialty having to pivot

  • X-ray remains a core imaging modality, but many radiologists report that X-ray is the least rewarding part of their job

  • Retirement, burnout, and decreased enrollment in radiology fellowship programs mean that the number of radiologists is not keeping up with demand

  • By 2025, the shortage of radiologists in the US is projected to be in the tens of thousands [3]

Adapted from Bluth EI et al, 2017. [4]

Adapted from Bluth EI et al, 2017. [4]

Elevating the role of local radiology. THAT’S OUR X-RAY VISION.

*Reprinted with permission from Elsevier, copyright 2014.

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