Aligned with the needs of treating physicians.

  • Cloud-based X-ray reading is available 24/7/365

  • No increase in delays overnight, during weekends, or on holidays

  • Timely results inform optimal treatment decisions and minimize conditional discharges

X-ray reading time

X-rays are the most common imaging studies—but are often deprioritized due to the demands of advanced imaging modalities

  • X-ray delay can lead to patient callbacks when ED physicians are unable to consult radiology in real-time

  • X-ray delay is also a common cause of delayed discharges and increased length of stay

  • X-ray delay is especially challenging during overnight and weekend hours, when turnaround times increase by 75%—meaning that treating physicians don’t have results when they need them the most [1]

Elevating the physician experience. THAT'S OUR X-RAY VISION.

Source:  1. Data on file, Aligned Imaging Solutions.